The big boys

My boys are getting BIG! It seems to slow for awhile, and then all of the sudden it seems like they've grown by leaps and bounds.
Every birthday that my boys have, I've been hand-writing a letter to them. I write about what is new for them, what they've done in the year, what their party was like, their friends, their accomplishments etc. I hadn't written Liam's yet (for his fourth birthday) and needed to get caught up. I read over the last 6 years of Riley's life, and Liam's last 3, and can't believe how quick it really does go.
The boys are growing up. The biggest change has been that they fight a lot less. HOORAY! It seems that since Liam was old enough to crawl, that they have been so competitive and want to argue about everything and anything. I found it so discouraging and it wasn't what I expected it would like with two little boys. They are supposed to be best buds, right?!
Well, the gap seems to be closing a little, and they seem to share the same interests and the same toys a little better. They still have many "moments" throughout the day, but more or less, it is getting less challenging to have them in the same room.
While we were away on the weekend, Liam went for a bike ride with grandma and grandpa around the lake. Suddenly his training wheel fell off, and yet he kept right on riding! They couldn't find the missing nut, so they just took the other trainer off and he now rides a two wheeler!!

He is very proud and is doing very well.

Riley had a student-led school presentation where he got to show me all he had learned and done in the past while. He was very studious and serious and stuck to his outline of what I was to watch him do.

Counting by 5's, 10's.

Posing with his cute teacher, Mrs. Porter.

Showing me his artwork in the hall.

Showing me his bean plant.

He is now in an accelerated reading program, and is taking quizzes on the computer, about the books he has read. His class is going swimming every Tuesday for a month now, and's nearly June and he's almost done grade one!! I can't believe it.
Liam got a new tin lunch box from his auntie Heather, and he can't wait to use it in preschool in the fall. He's so ready to get out of the house.

And, sob sob. I put up balloons and other decor for Shea's first birthday today. My baby is nearly one!!
Thanks for listening to me ramble about my's my job, afterall.


Bri said…
I can hardly believe that Riley is the baby that I held in my arms hours after he'd been born. And Liam, on the two wheeler, amazing. Shea, remembering how he kept you guessing this time last year as to when he'd make an appearance. So amazing. Your boys are just the best, happy, healthy, and running around like there's ants in their pants.
What a good idea to write a letter, what a gift that will be to them one day. Everything you were proud of.
Hope that Shea has a good first birthday. Give him a big smooch from Uncle Glen, Auntie Bri, Ava and Liv.
Bloggy Mama said…
Yay Liam!!
Happy Birthday Shea!!
Anonymous said…
Way to go Liam!!! That's amazing that he's riding a two wheeler now too....although I guess he had to keep up with Riley! I'm getting a funny picture of your 2 big boys flying along on their bikes and you running behind a stroller trying to keep up! Good luck with that! I think we'll try taking off Eli's trainers in summer, he's already asked a couple of times.
Anonymous said…
Oh, and that's fantastic about Riley's reading too - he's looks so cute in his class!

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