Gotta love spring

Today is a sunny warm day. Ahh. I wait for this time of year with anticipation and am never let down. Thank you God, for seasons.
Kinda like those seasons of our lives. It is nice that those seasons come, but it is just as nice when they leave and another one arrives. Although I am sad that my baby is almost one, it is so nice to be able to plunk him down on the floor and have him play with his brothers and drink his own bottle. I will miss the baby stage with the boys, but I am loving the stage of running the kids to their different activities and not being stuck inside all day.
Greg has left to work in Calgary today until late Wednesday night. It shouldn't be too bad this time. I don't think I'll have to expect any 4 foot dumps of snow like last time, walking with 3 kids to school. I'm not losing my marbles being locked up and bored in the house as they have neighbors and toys outside in the lovely warm weather. Yay again for spring! As well, when I DO have to pack lunches, do dishes, make meals and clean up, I get to do it in my new that helps as well. Yay for handy-men!
Things are just all round chipper. Ask me again at 6:30 in the morning, and I might say otherwise.


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