I don't know if anyone checks in on here, but if you do...I am still around. Life is just going at sort of an insane rate and I'm not keeping up on laundry, nevermind my blog!! We did take it pretty easy the last few days, enjoying time at the Enchanted Forest outside of Revelstoke, and going to the beach and then Kelowna yesterday.
Shea however, has been really sick. Whining and moping around, weak and not eating much. Low fever, lots of coughing. I finally got him in to the doctor today and found he has bronchitis. So he is on antibiotics and some other drugs via the air chamber. Hopefully it'll clear up soon so we can celebrate his first birthday with him being healthy! He isn't even 20lbs with all his clothes on. Poor little gaff.
Still smiles though...even after barfing on dad...

And yesterday we heard that my Papa died. My dad's dad. He had a stroke about 2 weeks ago, but was improving and in the rehab unit at the hospital when his heart failed...not known for sure yet the final cause of his death. So now we're trying to make plans to attend his funeral in Abbotsford. He was a sweetie, and I'm sad we didn't see him this past year, but I did manage to get a picture of him and Shea in August. He took us all out to McD's that day and enjoyed being with all the kids. Thankfully he is a healthy happy man in heaven and we'll get to see him there.
Shea is wheezing on me here as I type with one hand, but I gotta put him down so I can go get Riley from school.
I guess blogging will have to wait!! I still have laundry to do anyway!


Marlene said…
Yes, Sarah, reading your Blog is one of the highlights of my day! Glad you found out what's up with Shea, and he can get better quick. HUGS
Marlene said…
HEY! My comment actually went on - Hallelujah!
Bloggy Mama said…
Sure hope that little Shea is feeling tip-top soon. Great picture.
Bri said…
Good to see that you got a second to sit down and type, even if it was with a wee guy on your lap right before you rushed out the door.
Thinking of you guys and your whole family at this time. Looking forward to seeing you maybe, if it's not to much.
Hope Shea feels better soon, not even 20lbs...man, Liv's a tank.
Heather said…
Hey Sarah,

So sorry to hear about your Papa... Hope to see you all if you head down here!

Anna said…
bronchitis?! poor shea-shea

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