What's new, you ask?

Well, not a whole lot. The sun was shining today and the snow was melting off the road a bit, so it felt slightly like there could be a chance that spring will actually arrive. I don't think our snowbanks will melt until August though, as they are still so high. Our deck still has snow on it, level with the picnic table, so it'll be awhile. I walked to school for the drop-off and pick-up of Riley today, which was refreshing and made me think how much nicer it'll be when I can just throw on a sweater and walk out the door.
It was this time last year that I would sit out back in our alley, pregnant and huddled in layers on a lawnchair, watching the boys bike endlessly back and forth. Riley really misses that a lot. We're still getting used to our new life in the wilderness here! with many a tree and hill. Riley has been practicing downhill skiing in our little backyard slope. He loves it...I wish we had the time and money to get him up on the hill more, but it has only happened once.
I am battling a head cold today, so feeling slightly lousy. It is just sitting there behind my eyes and nose and making me feel clouded. I can't really think straight, so if this post goes in circles, there is a reason!
Greg is going away again this weekend, but I'm trying not to think of it. I instead am hoping we'll get to go away WITH him during the spring break which is soon coming. Riley actually gets two weeks off school, so we may head out to Calgary for the first time (for me) since the move. All five of us have never had a holiday together yet. Could be crazy!!
Greg and I were able to go out for dinner the other night without the kidlets, thanks to grandma and grandpa. We usually take Shea, but there is this pub in town that doesn't allow babies, so we left him as well. The food was fabulous and it was nice to just concentrate on us.
Shea is yellin for food now, ironically...
duty calls.


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