Random little moments

Riley is doing great at his reading and writing skills lately. He isn't the type of child who sits down to color and write lots, so the fact that he's progressing so well and shows some interest is exciting for me...a girl who loved/s writing. This is a note he put on his door. I saw it and asked, how am I supposed to read stories to you and tuck you in if I can't come in your room? He said, well it's for at night, when I'm sleeping. Oh.

He wrote us a cute little letter when we went out to dinner the other night. "Dear mom and dad. I love you varee much. How was your dinner. Love Riley".

Liam decided to write his name on his artwork at playgroup today! It was his first time writing the whole name. YAY!

He wrote it again in yellow underneath the purple....don't know if you can see that.

Riley just started doing piano lessons, so we're in the "studio" practicing most days. Shea has just discovered how much fun a piano can be, so we often end our practice with him on Riley's lap. He loves it.
Here he looked up so cutely at Riley who was singing the song he was playing.


Anna said…
I love how when Riley makes a mistake he puts the arrow down to the right letter. SO cute.
Bri said…
You must be varee, varee proud. I know I am.

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