Sugar cookies

Is it just me, or has every "Hallmark holiday" gotten extremely more crazy and over-the-top!!! When I was little, we made sugar cookies with pink icing and handed out simple Valentine cards. Today, the kids at school were practically buried in cupcakes and candies, some of the cards came with attached chocolates, and the stores are just LOADED with not only boxes of chocolate, but a ton of extra junk to go with it!!
Oh well...once in a year it is can't hurt to tell someone you love them...and how much you appreciate them. I wrote about my first love a few days ago (who by the way, no longer looks like a bush man, he finally shaved!).
I had a happy valentines day...spent the morning at playgroup visiting with other moms and decorating cookies. Spent the afternoon making valentines with my boys, got chocolate and licorice from hubby, snuggled with my baby and will watch LOST tonight after the boys get home from Awana.
So in the spirit of this lovely day, thank you for being around and reading through my blog life. I hope you all have someone special to hug today!!
love me!


The Foulds said…
It is true, all the holidays and special occasions are totally over merchandised! It's pretty crazy!

None the less I hope you enjoyed your day. :)

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