My first love

Greg was off and away in Calgary again for a few days. He puts in his time at the Calgary office every other month or so. He was due to be home this evening, but a collision on the road ahead of him delayed him in Revelstoke overnight. This left me as solo-parent for the past four days, and those times apart help me to reflect on all the things he does and that I love about him. Valentines day is coming up by the this post is rather appropriate.
There are the normal "guy" things he does, like shovel the driveway, take the trash to the dump, put gas in the van, work and pay the bills, help me tuck in the kids, bbq and cook, etc. But there are some things that only G can do.
When work is done and he walks through the door, the atmosphere changes. I am usually in a mad panic trying to create something in the kitchen while baby yells at me from his highchair and the boys are going ape on eachother. Greg walks through, goes immediately to the CD player and puts on some music. He picks up the baby if need be, or gets wrestling with the older two. Sometimes he'll play a song on the guitar and Shea immediately calms down.
...s i g h...that's when I can unclench my teeth and actually breathe again......He completely makes me more relaxed in this chaotic world I live in.
He makes the best coffee. I wouldn't be a coffee drinker if it weren't for his master craft of figuring out how to make it just the way I like it. And he has this special talent for remembering other things that I specifically like a certain way, or for other friends as well. He has a gift of memory which makes him a good gift giver as he's so thoughtful. I don't mean the big birthday gift type gifts, but the day to day little thoughtful things that he contributes.
He loves me. The "me" that wakes up grumpy on occasion, the "me" that can't think of anything to make for supper, the "me" that enjoys home improvement shows more than hockey!, the "me" that is tired, the same-ol-me that he met 16 years ago. Most importantly, he makes me feel like a better me.
He shares children with me. That is huge. Little parts of him and I are united in our three beautiful boys. I look into their eyes and see little bits of him shining out which gives me little butterflies because I love their daddy so much. They are so challenging right now, but they are such gifts of wonderfulness that are part of both of us. I imagine them to grow up to make some lucky lady feel as special as I do to Greg and it's totally exciting.
He has always been my biggest cheerleader and has supported any sort of interest or hobby that I've pursued or hope to pursue. He is optimistic and not so much of a realist as I am. I'm always extra cautious and worried about things working out, but he seems to take things in stride and is so steady.
I won't go on about him...but the main point is that I picked "the right one" and he's been the "right one" for me since I met him. I'm so thankful God worked that whole meeting, dating, breaking up and reuniting thing out so we could be married these past almost 9 years. He'll be home soon for me to tell him these things to his face, and hey, I need to get my beauty rest before he gets here.


Angella said…
What a sweet post, Sarah!
ruth said…
I remember being at a party at Motz's once while you guys were broken up and thinking "those guys belong together". I was so happy when it all worked out!! High school sweethearts rock!
Anonymous said…
sigh... Now that's the kind of love all us singles are looking for - otherwise known as the 'real thing'

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