Sledding is not for wimps

This year our family built the hugest, funnest luge run in my parents backyard. It is a gentle slope, but then we added a big curve to the right with this massive wall of terror. Keith and Luke spent many hours with the shovel, and along with about two feet of snow, it made for a great run. We have spent hours on this one run. Riley would stay all day and just go up and down and up. Liam gets a little more run down, but he's fun to watch as he'll leap on the back of someone on a tube and just bury his head so no snow gets in his eyes and race on down. We spent most of Christmas day on the hill, and also Rileys birthday. Hopefully we'll get many more chances before the snow disappears.


Bloggy Mama said…
That's awesome!!! Happy 2008!
Anna said…
Great shots Sarah. That one of Amanda is so funny! HA HA!
The Foulds said…
Looks like lots of fun! I bet all the kids had a blast!

Happy New Year too!!

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