Let it snow Let it snow

This is our first year that I'm not madly scratching out a packing list and making sure all my laundry is done and ready to cram into suitcases. I'm not stressing out that the snow is just coming down like a madman. Let it snow!! When I wrap presents, I can use odd shaped packages and not worry too much about their fragility. You'd think that with all the "spare time" I have (due to not preparing for a road trip over the holidays) that I would be totally ready for the season.
No, not really.
My kids are still sick. We all got sick back before halloween, and it just hasn't left us. We have been hit with every fever, flu and cold that floats around these parts. Liam is still battling a fever and Shea has a nasty cough which keeps him and I up for hours each night. Riley missed a day and a half of school this week, and though he was still a little weak, I sent him off to perform in his Christmas concert for the one song they were performing and he did great.
With all this lack of sleep and the extra laundry, I just can't get caught up in anything. I haven't done one bit of Christmas baking. In some ways, we really don't need the extra calories, so I am going to buy some nuts and chocolate and call it a day. My mom has been baking in preparation, so it's not like we'll miss out entirely. I still have just a few little odds and ends of presents to get today (talk about last minute!) but then am just going to accept the fact that I am a busy mom and can't do everything. Afterall, what is Christmas about anyway?? Baking, presents and decorating?
No, not really.
Hope you are remembering the real REASON FOR THE SEASON amid the chaos!


Jennifer said…
I feel the same Sarah- Amen!
"Write" on! Isn't the snow gorgeous? let's enjoy it and each other and the amazing Gift of Christ over the next few days, and let the other stuff just happen to the best of our abilities.
Yippee - I finally can comment again. . . had to get Dad to follow through on that for me, as I'd given up!

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