Somedays my life feels like a movie

Like, is this for real?? There are 3 boys crying at the same time... can I fast-forward 10 minutes? Shea is laughing now...can I push the pause button? Greg has 5 more hours of work today, can I push fast-forward again? I'm getting a head-ache...can I just play the subtitles and forget the noise? Where's that chapter of the movie where I am looking back at this moment and laughing?


Jen said…
LOL- Sarah you are so FUNNY! I wish I was less sleep deprived to think of this stuff....Take Care, Jen.
karen said…
Have you seen Click?

Ange and I were talking about that today, and we'd just like a 'mute' button. :)
Angella said…
Ah, yes, the mute button.

That's all we need :)
Tanneal said…
I love that...and so true. I'm glad that I always said to people when they asked me how many kids we wanted that they would have to ask me when I had two!! It's alot of work and takes ALOT of time and energy. I've noticed that I feel like I've gotten a 'break' when I go to teach on mondays!! It's crazy, but of course would never change it for the world =)

Anyways, about the photo course...yes, I'm very excited! I'm taking 2 actually and they are just evening and weekends so managable with leaving the boys at home with John. I've heard very good things about the instructor so should be fun =)

Oh yes, and I fixed the's also on facebook. I thought it would be faster than uploading the pics, but ended up taking alot longer!

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