Last year at this time

Last September, we found out we were having our third baby!! Funny how long it seemed when I was pregnant, but how quick the year went, and here we are now in Salmon Arm, with a 3 month old sweetheart baby boy Seamus.



Jen said…
Funny how that does work....when your pregnant feels like you are the only one & one year feels like 3...then when baby arrives time just slips away...enjoy that little man. Take Care, Jen.
Elizabeth said…
He is beautiful ( as are your other boys ) how did you come up with his name by the way?
Sarah said…
The story of his name is sort of funny...I watched the movie "White Squall" way back in highschool, and the main guy was called Shay. I loved it. I wrote it down in my diary and held on to it in my memory bank for if I ever had a boy. Well we didn't use it for our first two as it is a little unique, and many girls nowadays are named Shayla or Shayenne and nicknamed Shay, so I wasn't so sure. Greg decided we go with the full name of Seamus (the original Irish spelling, which is the Irish form of James). Then we shorten it to Shea to keep it from being mixed up with the girly Shay. Some people have no clue how to pronounce Seamus..."SHAY-MUS" so we have lots of explaining to do. But we like the name and think it suits him just peachy.

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