First day of school, first day of school!!!

This is the first time I have ever had to wake up Riley!!

His school starts at 8:39am, so we're walking by 8:15am.

He was almost too excited to eat!

Dressed and ready to go!

Liam doesn't look happy here, but there were no sad goodbyes...I think they were ready for a break from eachother.

So it was our first day at the new school. Riley had met two boys from grade one before today, so that was nice to see their familiar faces. There will be two grade one classes, and I'm hoping that at least one of those guys will be in his class (which isn't designated til the end of the week.) Riley was brave and independent as usual and walked right in with no concerns. He loved having his new shoes and lunch kit it was all a big thrill for him. I think he'll have a good year. It was only half a day today but tomorrow will be the first time he'll have lunch at school and he is so thrilled. I said to him at the breakfast table this morning,

ME: "What are Liam and I going to do all day without you?"
RILEY: "Well, I don't want to miss anything, so you could just stay home."

We had a quiet morning, and I actually got most of the laundry and the dishes done for a change. It was very very calm around here. Riley came out of school smiling. Yeah, it's going to be a good year.

Here's some comparison shots...preschool, kindergarden, grade one!! (click on it to enlarge)

*Update: Riley was put into a class with both of the kids that he knows here...a neighbor and a friend. I am really excited about that. His classroom has its own bathroom, outside door and bootroom, and tiny little desks (rather than tables). His teacher is Mrs. Porter and she seems super sweet. *sigh* I wish I could go back to grade one somedays!


Anonymous said…
my burning question: WHat kind of undies did he pick on the first day? LOL sounds like a good feeling was had by all and I love his little statement about you just staying home so he doesn't miss anything good. :) SO Riley! :)
The Foulds said…
Sounds like a great first day! I love the grin on his face while he is eating his breakfast, cute, cute!
Elizabeth said…
Dont you just hate the first day of school.. well I hate it and love it at the same time..these photos are great
Michelle said…
Those are great comparison pics. So cute...I just can't believe how big they are! It seems like just a little while ago that you were calling to say Riley was born. Scary how fast times flies by.
Angella said…
I love the comparison shots! Graham starts Kindergarten next week...
Heather said…
Awww.... I'm misty... Riley has grown up so much. Grade One already... He sure looked cute with his new duds on! Give everyone squeezes from me :)
Anna said…
"I don't want to miss anything" !?!?! That is SO cute! I'm happy that he's enjoying himself already and I'm happy for you could use some calm about now hey? Love the comparison pics.
Tanneal said…
Cute! I love how you have pics from every year...I only hope to be so organized =)

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