Sad times for the woodland creatures

As most of you know, this year is a bad one for the trees. There is some sort of pine bug that is attacking most of them. Our yard had at least 3 large trees that were dead or close to it. We had a friend die this summer from a tree landing on his truck, so we knew we had to deal with ours before something happened. In a strong wind the other day, I heard a large branch at the top crack off and it was just hanging there. Scary stuff. So today a neighbor who is in the business of chopping down trees (a booming business at the moment) came and took down ours. It was kinda exciting and also rather sad as you imagine how long those trees must have been standing there. Also remember, we just came from a new suburb in the city of Calgary where the tallest trees were about 12 ft. tall!

*Update: I forgot to tell you that we have a wood burning stove in our family room, and all the wood is going to be used to keep us cozy during the winter! We had our first fire last night and it was great! Amazing how four logs can really heat up the whole house all evening!!


Elizabeth said…
Just delurking to say "good for you" for getting rid of the risky trees. There are so many in our neighbourhood that need to go. It is so sad that they didn't make it. We have six pines in our back yard (in Kamloops) and have been fighting for their lives for two years now. Fingers crossed that ours are in the clear, but we won't know until next spring.
I'm at
Tanneal said…
A sad thing that they have to go, but how awesome that they will be put to good use! I was amazed this summer when we were driving through to the island how many of the forest trees were reddy/orange because they were dying!! They looked beautiful at the time, but I guess when they are fully 'dead' they wouldn't look so nice.

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