Soon to be off.

Now is the time when I become a compulsive list maker. I am preparing for a two week as for every trip we take, I must make an extensive list otherwise my brain will keep on working throughout the night. I got smart and made a list on my computer last time, so I printed it off and have been adding to it. There is so much to remember when you have kids...diapers>check, wipes>check, sippy cups>check. You get the idea.
We head to Salmon Arm tommorow morning and will be there attending the Roots and Blues festival. Never been before, and we know probably 25 people or more that are going so it'll be fun. Then we'll relax on Monday and take off to Vancouver on Tuesday morning. Then back to SA on the weekend and will stay there til the following one. Hopefully it'll be somewhat relaxing time. Definitely different than the same ol'.
Of course my sunflowers are all blooming just in time for me to miss them.


Angella said…
Lists make me happy :)

Have a great trip! Do you guys check out the IPE on the long weekend? We went last year & might go again this year :)
Kristin said…
I am totally the same way when we are going on a trip, or lots is going on, I seed to make a list or I can't sleep either!
I have also started making them on the computer too! Funny!
Anna said…
Looking forward to Roots & Blues and eating mini donuts with you. Should be fun. That's really the only reason I go---mini donuts and BBQ'd corn on the cob...yummy! See you soon Sarah.
Heather said…
I better kid proof my house a little more They're coming.... It will be so good to have you all down here. I'm really looking forward to it!
I guess that's what Kristy and
I have to look forward to... We've already experienced one trip with Heidi, but she's still relatively self contained. Maybe we'll get you to send us that list next time we travel! ;)

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