The next leg

The next leg of our journey has taken us to Burnaby. We got here on Tuesday during rush hour. My goodness...the traffic! I must admit that I don't offer to drive down here...I leave the driving to Greg. So we're staying in Gregs sisters' place (Heathers) which she has done up so cute and it's cozy. It is actually the suite of my aunts house, and we've had the keys to use the rest of the place as my aunt is on holidays...but we prefer to keep us all together so we're in this one room little suite and doing fine. We joined up with Glen and Bri and baby Ava for supper at their place. We went to the Vancouver aquarium first thing in the morning. It was packed but otherwise fun. Everything was relating specifically to the movie Nemo. Oh look! It's mister Ray! or Peach! oh, there's Gill! and Dude Crush!!

They especially liked the real live diver that jumped into the tank and picked up the crabs and swam around. Also a hit were the jelly fish and the jumping dolphins.

We picked blackberries down the road from Heathers place. YUMM!! I made a fruit crisp for favorite!! Riley was a good little picker.

Today we went to the beach at Whiterock, so the boys could see the ocean. It was sunny and clear. We had fun walking around for about 2 hours...looking under the rocks and finding mini crabs and shells. We ate fish and chips at a beachfront restaurant in the open salt sea air.

We're still trying to figure out what to do this evening. We are all a little tired and still recouping from our 3 day dance party...but we're going to spend time with my extended family before we head back to Salmon Arm.
I swear I must have watched one too many disaster-type movies. The night we came home from the aquarium I dreamt that we were in the viewing room below ground by the belugas...and I dreamt that all of the sudden there was a crack in one of the tank windows and before we knew it, water was gushing in all around us and we were trying to escape with our strollers while swimming through the beluga infested waters. And then today...we're crossing this huge bridge with about 50 mother huge cables holding it up and I could just envision as we were driving past...them snapping away and the bridge swaying like mad. Then we were in this tunnel that goes under the Fraser River...and I was dreaming of that other movie where the tunnel collapses and the people are trapped under...Daylight or something? is the name of it? Anyway. psycho. I know. I'm not stressed or anything...these flashes just automatically come to my mind as I'm seeing these things.
Weird. We are having fun, really!


Angella said…
Crazy dreams!

We've yet to take our kids to the Van Aquarium. Someday we'll make it down there - looks like fun!
Heather said…
I love the photo of the turtle from below it that is so cool.

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