I made it

Today marks the end of 12 days straight of craziness. Greg ended up working last weekend, so it's been 12 days of psycho nutty boys. I don't know how they can get so bored cuz I honestly try to do new things each day, whether it be crafts, playing outside, going to the pool or the zoo...but they would never wear out. I, on the other hand, am exhausted. We definitely need a change of scenery. Thank goodness my parents are coming out tommorow for a few days, and then in less than a week after that, we are starting holidays. Yay! Then school starts! I am going to get them enlisted in library and swimming programs for mornings so that they are so darn tired by the afternoon that they will actually beg to sit and read or something. Wish me luck with that!!


Angella said…
Oh, if only we could tap into their energy. We could conquer the world!!!

Heidi said…
Oh Sarah, you do a wonderful job. I am amazed that children don't get tired faster because their legs are much shorter than ours so they have to take way more steps to get somewhere?! My Dad thought he would wear down my nephew by making him walk a long hike and then all the way home again...he succeeded only so well that my nephew just ended up laying on the road and falling asleep. I don't recommend this type of action.
Anna said…
Heidi, that's hilarious about your nephew! (Good to see you on Blogger too) Sarah, I hear ya! Keith's been working 10-11 hour days lately and I'm so tired! Hang in there--mom and dad are on their way.

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