Here we are, another year. Sometimes it seems like year after year, life is as it has always been, with the same things happening and the same problems over and over no matter how hard you try to fix them....fighting children for instance. And then your facebook pops ups a video from 8 years ago and you get zipped back to those baby days when life was about napping and walking the kids to the park. Life has changed and we are full force into those teen years of hormones, homework and attitude. I don't mean to paint a nasty picture, because it isn't all stress and war around here, but sometimes the majority of good gets lost in a 10 minute brawl over trying to get someone to read for his English assignment. Grr. I must say though, I love having kids that are smart and starting to surpass me in their talents and abilities. They are catching up to me in size, and actually when I was staring at Shea's unusually large thighs yesterday, I decided to measure them at their largest part, and they are only 1 inch smaller than mine! He is 9! Riley is "cracking" us up with his changing voice, and Liam is getting teased daily for his beginnings of a mustache. Oh puberty. I remember you. Life is different than when I was a teen though, so in some ways I feel so unprepared for knowing how to deal with all they are going through. For one, I wasn't and am not a BOY. For two, I did not have access to the internet, snapchat, and all the other means of learning, conversing and chatting with friends. It is so distracting for their chaotic brains! And third, our lifestyle is just so different from mine as a child. Our family was poorer, with most of our spare time involved in church activities (never sports) and a totally different family dynamic. I feel like it's all a guessing game and I'm just trying my hardest not to screw things up for them. Some moments I burst open with pride and enthusiasm for all they are and will become, and other days I just want to hide under my bed and pretend they don't belong to me! The joys of motherhood. I will survive!!! and they will be amazing.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting your thoughts honey! Some days seem like a real SLOG. Your blog helps me remember and know how to better pray for you :) and those boys! !

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