So it came and it went, and now I'm 40. I feel like I've been turning 40 all year, so I'm glad it's finally over with!
So many things happened and changed this year, and though it was overall an amazing year, it was very stressful too. I am glad we don't have so much on our plate this December (a year ago we were going through restoration of the basement and endless showings of the house). I am busy with my new job and just getting through each day with the kids and their individual needs and sports/homework. Nevermind the usual laundry, cooking and cleaning! I have yet to buy any Christmas presents, so I guess I'd better get on that! I hope you are enjoying the final craziness before Christmas is upon us!


Anonymous said…
Your 40th year was quite eventful - one to mark and remember! I'm still not believing that two of our kids are in their 40's! ! ! yikes! Hoping you have a WONDERFUL decade - who knows what it will bring? Praying for a real sense of Gods' leading, wisdom, care and love through each year. :) HUGS, ME

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