13 on the 13th!

Happy birthday to my middle boy, Liam! He is growing fast and has changed so much in the past two years from a standard typical kid to more of a unique and talented teenager. He has been so busy these days. Three days a week he's in boxing where he is getting super fit. It is showing in other areas where he can now outlast us all, like on the ski hill. His skiing abilities have improved majorly because he's more in shape and has also had three lessons this winter. He is in yearbook and lego robotics at school. He just started jazz band as the drummer and concert band (trumpet). He still goes to drum lessons, and in between all that he enjoys youth group and does lots of reading and homework! He's still madly ticklish (see the bottom picture). We kinda like this one. He's a keeper.


Anonymous said…
NICE! You didn't mention he also likes to dress sharp :) . Like the tickle photo! Enjoy Spring Skiing.

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