In our house, the dining table is a central important piece of furniture for our family as we eat around it together daily. We have had many birthday cakes and parties around that table, discussions and friends. When we first got married, we had been given a little round oak table with two matching chairs from my in laws. We still use it as our extra table. When we moved into our first house, we upgraded from that four seater round table to another used six seater rectangular table (that came with 5 chairs and two leafs). It was an old white painted thing with ugly blue vinyl seats. Ugly, but practical. Great for kids, and we've squeezed 8 people around it regularly (as seen below).
It has been great to us, and we don't worry about any scratches or stains.
Lately I've been looking for a new-to-us set as one of the 5 chairs had completely broken. I have been looking for a month, in town, on kijiji and craigslist. On Saturday morning I was scrolling the "dining sets" section again and found an add for 8 wooden chairs for a great price in Kamloops. Greg picked them up for us this morning and they look fabulous! They have tied in the brown countertops with our brown couch. They are solid wood, and made in Canada!
One day I might get a new table, but for now this one is doing fine. It has pen marks, stains and knicks, but it's holding up. I think I actually need a bigger house before I get a bigger/better table! As you can see in the picture, we have to drag the table out onto the carpet to fit if people are eating at the bar. (Or I guess we could get new flooring that would carry the dining area into the living room.) To offically break them in, on the day we got our chairs, we squeezed 9 of us around the table (and 3 at the bar) for dinner with Luke's family tonight, our fourth big meal with family in a row this Easter!


Anonymous said…
Party on! ! Looks great! ME

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