New developments

So another month has flown on by, and it has been full of action! We celebrated another birthday in our house. Shea had a Pikachu themed 7th birthday party at our house. We have always had his parties at our house with the family and a few friends. We did the annual water balloon volleyball game and many other fun Pikachu games like Bingo, and using squirt guns to knock the ping pong balls off of golf tees, air boarding over a fan etc. He had a great time and the weather cooperated! Then Greg and I took off to Florida for a week. Greg enjoyed the web developer conference and I enjoyed the resort. Need I say more! I met many great ladies, and it was so nice to not have to cook, pack lunches, nag at the kids or clean clean clean. My brother and his wife have been busy selling their house, moving out of it and waiting to close a deal on a house just out of town. It has 8.5 acres, with outbuildings, animals, an above-ground pool, space for the inlaws etc. It was a foreclosure and had to go to court. While waiting for the court date, their house sold and they had to move out and stay with her family. They just heard news that they got the house and can move in in two weeks time!! YAY! We're all so relieved and excited that we can be part of this new big adventure with them. Many reno/building plans are in the works. We have a campout booked in their yard already at the end of the month! The day after that good news, we heard yesterday that Heather and Christian had their second baby, another boy. He was a wee little 6lbs 6oz bundle who they named Magnus. Grandma and Grandpa are on their way down with Riley to meet him right now. We can't wait to meet their new baby and see their new first home. I will be taking baby pictures for them again, so you will see those eventually! I haven't been working as much lately as another position was filled at Bastion. For now I'm just covering sick days and holidays for people. I don't mind as I can spend hours in the yard right now, and school is coming to a close. We've had a few strike days and may have more to come :( So many new and exciting things are happening around us, and we're anticipating a busy summer.


Anonymous said…
So fly the months! ! Wow, that was a busy one for you! ME ;)

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