Done like dinner

Ok, so today was officially my official last day of work. (I know I've been saying that awhile!) It was my last day at the end of July, and then I went back in September and have been there til now. I had taken Christmas off, (cuz I'm casual and I can do that!) and then came back after the two weeks to train my replacement. I was only supposed to train her for 2 days, but it turned into four, so I almost worked another whole week. At the end of the day, my replacement suddenly informed me that she would love to job share and would be happy to give up one day a week of her full-time position. I was overjoyed to hear it, but hopes were dashed soon after when I approached my boss about it. She said that the union only will accept 50/50 job shares, or maybe a 40/60, but not a 20/80 or whatever that would be. :( I think it has to do with benefits, and that the union wants all permanent employees to have access to benefits. I would happily work without benefits, as I have been all year, but ya. So that's sad. I may write the union, and see what their reasoning is. So now the only options left are the two positions available at Bastion Place, both part time, but since it's a position, I'd have to work every other weekend and of course all school holidays/summer (so no). Or getting some casual positions to cover those currently unfilled posts. That may not happen for awhile, as they are still working out their new expanded convalescent program there. So it's a wait-see for now.
I must admit that I'm rather sad, but feeling also happy I am not in a position where I HAVE to work, or have to take what I get. I get the chance to pick the best option for our family. I am going to enjoy getting some more social time in, and cleaning out our disaster house! Maybe I'll get my kitchen tile in one of these days!!


Anonymous said…
Ahhh, the ups and downs of your position! Didn't realize you'd worked four days this week. Just checking to see if you'd posted since your "retirement" and glad to see a blurb from you. Smiles ME :)

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