Crossroads and decisions

I've been enjoying my part time casual position at the hospital this fall. Our hospital and neighboring old folks home is in the midst of transition, taking on a new rehab program this year. It means many changes for the employees, and many new job openings. As we're in the midst of this change, I've been able to cover on a casual basis. I've been able to work at the job I had full time previously (from Jan. to July) and I love it. I know the physio/occupational team, and the longer I'm there, the more useful I am to them. So it has been a win/win scenario. Sadly, because it's all union, one can not keep a permanent casual position...I guess they prefer that you own a position. My job will be posted as what it should be, a full time spot. I am not wanting to apply for it, as I really am reluctant to send the kids to daycare and pull them out of all after school events. I also don't want to be working every school holiday, and especially the summer. Not now. Not while they are still young and still think I'm fun to hang out with! There is a possibility of a job share, but again, hours will be set and it won't be so flexible as it is now. I am worried that if I don't take a position, that nothing will be left for me to cover, other than to work while the people in positions take their vacations! I guess best case scenario would be that no one wants my job, so they would just take me for the hours I'm willing to give. (A girl can dream!) So it is a stressful waiting game now. I am just trying to focus on how blessed I've been so far, and how happy I am to be working and to have earned some money and valuable work experience and references to go with. And God knows, right? He's worked everything out so far!


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