Once the yardwork is over, my cravings to get crafty start growing. I love to bring out the knitting and the sewing and try projects that I've thought about but didn't have time to do in the summer! I started my first knit sweater this fall and just finished this weekend. It is huge, and the body of it actually fits me just perfectly. It should last Shea forever! I'll just keep adding to the bottom and the sleeves!! :) It was a bit frustrating at the start and then got boring near the end, but overall, it was fun to do and I think I might just try one for myself next. Then last night I tried a pinterest bootie pattern, you know since I have babies and all. (NOT). I just figured it would be fun to try with my spare felt and other fabric and would also make a good/fast baby gift.
I'm not super impressed with the pattern, but once I perfect it, I'll try making some for me and the boys! A lot less work than knitting a pair! and you could even use a recycled sweater! Liam has been gone for the past few days, so it has been quiet around here! Hence the ability to craft! I have a lot more things to make....


Anonymous said…
Shea is SUCH a great model of that great sweater! (The colours make it so current!) I really like his precious smile in the second photo down. And those booties are cute - I especially like those grey ones! Nice to make the most of your quiet time! I often fritter/waste it away.
Smiles, MomE

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