And just like life as a full time working mom came to a close, and I'm back to my usual! It feels like I completed some big race or something. I knew it would take a lot of energy and we'd all have to sacrifice, but I knew it would be worth it. It so was. It was bittersweet to walk away from a job I loved so much and return to my neglected dirty house. I have so much to do in the next month and have many plans before I go looking for work again in September. My boss says she'll be waiting for me once the kids get back to school! Since one girl just quit, I could have worked all summer in a casual position, but I hadn't planned for it and didn't have childcare for August. And frankly, working in the summer isn't much fun and doesn't pay much when you pay for full time childcare! The timing for all this has been perfect as we now will have August as a family and have had such a fun July. The boys are kept busy in daycare and Riley just finished his second summer camp! And we found a tent trailer!! I had searched around for months, and looked at quite a few. Finally last Saturday morning, I saw a post on Facebook of one and asked the lady immediately if we could see it. She lived 5 min. from our house. It was perfect and we told them we'd buy it the same day. It is a 2000 Coleman, and has everything we wanted, with beds for 7 (incl. a king and queen!), fridge, stove, awning, outdoor shower etc. We got our insurance on it today and just need our hitch put on the van. The kids are sleeping in it right now on the driveway. We are so excited to take it out camping and already have 9 days booked in campsites from here over to Vancouver Island.
So I'm sad that my job is over, but so happy to have had the experience at the hospital. I felt like hugging every one of my patients goodbye and hope to see them walking the streets sometime when they are well again. I hope the next job will be just as good and that I can find a more even balance of home and work life...maybe working half time. For now I will just enjoy my kids, getting caught up at home and sitting in the sun. :)


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