hardest job of all

Wow, so here we are in SUMMER! It has been such a different one than my last 10. I didn't get that massive change of lifestyle when the kids came home from school on that last day, because Monday morning we were still all up and out the door by 8am. I still had to make lunches, go to work and then pick them up at daycare. It's very nice actually. I'm not pulling my hair out trying to think of activities that all three of them will enjoy that doesn't cost a small fortune. (Waterslides are expensive!) In daycare, the boys get to go to the waterslides, beach, Jungle Mania, the waterparks etc. and when I pick them up, they are pooped out from their adventures. This week Riley took Liam's spot at daycare so Liam could go to summer camp. Next week it'll be Rileys' turn for camp. We are enjoying having one kid each to wrangle, and life is just calmer than the usual bickering that the 3 can do! I've been slightly obsessed trying to track down a used tent trailer for our family. I've spent a few evenings on kijiji and craigslist, looking at the options. Unfortunately most of the good deals are at the coast, or get snatched up right away. I'm hoping we get lucky and find something local. Then we will plan our holidays according to if we have a trailer or not. My job ends in two weeks!! My goodness that went fast. I'm feeling sad about it actually, because I've really enjoyed my spot there in the hospital, and know it won't be the same. The girl I covered for is coming back, and sounds like she'll stay...so if I get a job in September, it'll be in a new location that will take some getting used to all over again. I'm trying to just enjoy this while it lasts, and then I'll be in full time mom mode again. Staying home with 3 boys is much harder than going to work. I never gave myself as much credit before this. Being a SAHM is not for the lazy! It is by far the hardest job of all! Happy summer everyone! Enjoy the work and the play, and the downtime floating in your dingy!


Anonymous said…
Look at you. . . you snuck a post in without me noticing! ! Those "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer" seem to be just for the privileged, huh? (or kids!) It's been good watching you enjoy your job! Blessings for the REST of the summer xoxo, MomE

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