Home again

Well we survived our maiden voyage with our trailer. I was thinking closer to the date that we were going, that it was a bit ambitious of us to go so far away and take a ferry and stay at 4 different locations on our first trip! The RV place had issues getting the hitch on our van, which cost us more time and money, but with one full day to spare, we hitched up for the first time and Greg had to do some practice driving in the nearby parking lot! We pulled out and went to Cultus Lake (2 nights), Victoria (3 nights), Parksville (4 nights), and then Richmond (2 nights). We had lots of adventures and many good times by the ocean.
After 11 nights in the trailer, it was good to get home. We all did sleep well and definitely loved having the hot running kitchen sink, the outdoor shower, the screened room on buggy nights and the fridge. We get to go camping again this weekend, and I'm hoping once more after that to get good use out of it for our first summer. The boys are getting to be pros at helping to set it up/take down, and Riley will even help direct dad back to hitch it up. This weekend is the Roots and Blues festival in Salmon Arm, and after so many years of going to it, it feels weird to not be there for the 3 days of endless music! We might just need to go again next year. Hard to believe that there are only 2 weeks left of summer vacation, and then it's back to school and work for all of us. With working all July and having the boys at daycare, it seems like we only had a month. Hoping you're enjoying August!


Anonymous said…
I see Riley is also becoming a family photographer! Amazing how fast the long anticipated holidays slip by. Happy with you for your new 'home away from home!"

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