Our favorite little "Eller-bean" turned four this week. Her and I had planned her "rainbow party" months ago, and so we just had to pull it off. Her mom made her a cake that matched our picture perfectly, and I had the place looking like a unicorn had just visited. Rainbows, clouds, stars and butterflies all over. So fun to decorate for a girl! And it helps that she's such a sweetie!


Anonymous said…
Sarah - you make celebration so very special with the extra prep that you do! ! SO FUN! and yes - very sweet when it's for a little girl that is SOOOO appreciative that she gives HUGE hugs for her gifts before she even opens them! The rainbow was AWESOME! are you keeping it for a while?
Sarah said…
The rainbow started falling down the next morning...so I just have some streamers hanging down from the fan with the white pom poms.

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