I guess it's true, as my mother has pointed out, that I have been pretty quiet on here lately. I have been a busy girl. This week we celebrated two birthdays, on top of our usual busy routine of work. I didn't put my usual major effort into the whole party planning, but I did what I could. We had a family party for Liam, with an Angry Bird theme. Then yesterday we got to go out for supper (on our own) and then join the kids and both sets of parents for cake (actually a peach meringue dessert) for G's birthday. So we kept it simple, but we made sure they were celebrated. I can hardly believe that Spring Break is here. I just spent three hours in the yard, trying to thin out the last of the snow piles, prune the trees and rake. The little buds are coming out and it just seems so soon! I guess I've been used to waiting around for Spring to come after Christmas, but I've been so busy with work that it just snuck up so quickly. I've taken the next week off of work, to spend with the kids. They are off for two weeks, and I didn't think it'd be cool to have them in full time daycare the entire time. We're even going to squeeze in a trip up to PG to visit my sister again. I'm a little nervous about being home all day with my busy boys, but we'll try to do lots of activities. My job is going well. I'm so glad I took the opportunity that was given to me. I could have easily thought up a million reasons why I couldn't or shouldn't. It has been both easy and challenging, stressful and relaxing, sad and fun. I have so enjoyed having people to talk with, working very closely with people who need my help (both the physios and the patients). I am humbled by meeting people who are dealing with incredible pain, or are at the end of their life and still are living it with as much joy as they can muster. I've helped a patient to sit up in their bed one day, and they died later that night. I consider it a privilege to have spent some of their last hours with them. I see patients who are working so hard to get back home, but probably never will. I see some who are withering away in a bed with no one visiting them ever, while others have a loved one at their side constantly. It isn't all fun and games. We get yelled at, called "annoying", bled and peed on, we see things we never wanted to see, and smells we never wanted to smell. But at the end of the day, it is rewarding work. I'm really hoping to job share when my temporary position is over, and keep working part time. The kids are doing well in school, and had such a fun winter of skiing/snowboarding. Shea and I joined them last weekend, and we had Shea take his first lesson and learn to ski! He did great! We can imagine many more family ski days ahead. Shea pulled out his two wheeler and started going on it this afternoon without our help. Last fall we had been running around behind him trying to get him going and he was just not getting it. In true Davidson-boy fashion, I guess he was just ready in his own time. He needs a few more practice sessions ahead, but it'll be great to have him join us all on two wheels. At the pool, that boy is already jumping (and spinning) off the diving board and rope swing and swimming back to the side without a life jacket. Always trying to keep up to the big boys. Ok, well that's a bit of a catch up. Since I'll be home this week, I'll try to write again and take some photos. I haven't even figured out my new camera yet as life has just been so crazy busy! But it's a good busy.


Anonymous said…
Yay! I love how you can express yourself so well in writing. ME

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