We had a gorgeous long weekend here in Salmon Arm.  I unfortunately was coming down with a whopper of a cold on Wednesday night.  It hit me hard by Friday and I was pretty much a sneezy, stuffed up basket case the rest of the weekend.  I felt bad as Evan was staying with us for three nights while Riley took his place with the Engel clan and went camping!  I wasn't up for leaving the house, and let's just say we did a lot of Lego and paper airplanes to pass the time!

Riley arrived home safe and sound last night, dirty and completely wasted.  I am so happy he has such a super aunt and uncle who will take him for us from time to time.  My boys are lucky to have good cousins too!
We just went to Kamloops the other day to meet up with their Davidson cousins, and are soon going WAY up north to visit the ones in Vanderhoof!  Road trip!

Just as we were about to leave for school this morning, Shea decided to bite some Lego with his already loose tooth, and voila...look what happened!
The kid isn't even 5 1/2, and he's lost his first tooth!  My other boys were 7 before they lost theirs, so this is crazy!  He looks older now and talks funny with his little gap!  He's showing everyone at school and is quite excited.  sigh.

I have chocolate zucchini cake in the oven, which is smelling quite lovely.  I need to do a lot more baking to keep up with the three school lunches a day!
I got my grocery shopping done for the week and here's the menu:
Monday:  5 spice turkey and lettuce wraps with brown rice.
Tuesday:  Spaghetti and sausages (rather than meatballs), Jamie Oliver style
Wednesday:  Autumn Soup and baking powder biscuits
Thursday:  Sweet and Sour Pork, Jamie Oliver recipe again
Friday:  undecided as we meet up with Engels, but possibly Corn chowder or Waffles.

Have a great week!


Anna said…
Wow! That seems SUPER early to lose a tooth but way to go Shea! Can't wait to see you guys!
Anonymous said…
That sounds like a yummy menu! You motivated me to get mine together for this week, thanks. The week is always so much easier to handle when I do that on Monday :) HUGS MomE

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