So we had a wonderful sunny weekend at the fair.  G's brother and family, along with parents and cousins, joined us at the parade in the morning.  The highlight, other than watching Ava and Shea jump up and down at any coming float with candy, was seeing GG (Greg's grandma) riding her seniors home bus with all her roomies.  We saw her right away, though we didn't know she would be in the parade! and she saw us all making a scene and yelling GG!  it was quite the sight.
The boys didn't place anything for their lego and pottery entries, but we enjoyed seeing their work displayed.  I was encouraged to let them expand their contributions next year and for myself as well. One of my knitter friends entered some of her knitting, and I realized I could have as well!   It's all for fun, but something that can be thought about and worked on throughout the year.  I placed 2nd for my echinachea photo.  I tried to look through the other entries, and of those that won, but found it really varied and sometimes the subject of the photo was really cool, but the quality of photo was crappy.  Of course there were a handful that were beautiful and inspiring.  I love that exhibit, so it is fun to be part of it.
Riley entered the live LEGO competition on Sunday, and won!  We brought his lego to the fair and the kids were told that the theme was, "Your favorite thing at the fair".  So Riley got to work building bumper cars and another Super Spinner spaceship ride, and it earned him first place fair and square.  He was thrilled as he's never won anything before, and was so excited to win a lego game.

So now we're back to the daily grind of early mornings (out the door at 7:30am for R and 8am for the rest of us).  I finally got back to the rink for my run and it felt good to get back at it.  Shea was done Kindergarten at 11:30am today, but will actually be there for lunch tomorrow, so my time alone is getting increasingly longer.  This week is already packed full!


ruth said…
Congrats on your winnings! How fun! Good job with the running...we started an exercise regime and run two blocks for a warm up and I HATE IT. So kudos to you for running voluntarily! I also thought you were looking rather svelte when we last met :)

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