Three new recipes.

I've been able to fit in more things these days besides just "boy-stuff".  I got to the doctor, the dentist, the rink for running, out with the girls, shopping, etc.  The days are actually flying by.
One thing I have enjoyed, is being able to try out new recipes that I had pinned ages ago. 
This week I made:
Beef and Broccoli
It was meant to go in the crock pot, but I was running around town and forgot it would need 6-8 hours in the crock pot, so I did most of it like a stir fry and it spent just over an hour in the crock pot.  I also added mushrooms.  It was a big hit.  All three of my boys ate it all and asked for more.  Yum. 

I also made:
Mini chicken pot pies
My hope would be that the boys would love these and eat them in their lunches.  I won two of the three over, so yay!  They were a little fussy to make and I thought the bisquick was too runny and kept adjusting it, but otherwise they are great!  Tasty, filling, and containing lots of meat and cheese.  I doubled it, so have plenty in the freezers for their lunches. 

Then today I tried:

Whole wheat dinner rolls
I have never made whole wheat buns before, and have never used glass other than for cinnamon buns.  The blog has great pictures and a tutorial if you're new to baking buns.  I slightly under baked them, but otherwise they turned out great.  Another item to add to the freezer for lunches.  (Those are my buns in the picture.)

Anyway, three down, more to go.  It makes life more interesting when you're not eating the same.ol.thing. day in and out!


Anonymous said…
Yummy photos! ! nice ideas! Good for you :) ME
Bri said…
Cute buns!! ;)

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