pretty things

Sometimes the best things around you are free!
It's always good to have pretty things around you in the house.
To enjoy. To inspire you. To encourage creativity. To become photo subjects.

Here is Liam's art from school. I put it in a huge frame and intend to keep it forever. I think it is so pretty. I will definitely try to recreate something similar, but I think the rawness of a 7 year old's hand will outdo my stiff attempt.

And these pussy willows were tossed out by someone else and have found their place in my living room. They do remind you of tiny little kitties when you hold a fuzzy little bud in your hand!

What little things do you have sitting around that make you happy?


Anonymous said…
Nice thoughts, honey! I've been looking around ever since you wrote that. . . lots of sweet things come to mind! like the vintage lace blouse that I got from Jilly that's hanging on my bedroom wall.

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