Finally got up skiing!

So I've been averaging once a year skiing since I had kids. It was time to get that "once-a-year" quota in before the snow is gone. I joined Greg and our older two, who have gone up a few times this year, along with my two nieces, who have never gone, for a night ski.

Claire loved it! (It's not obvious at all.)

The girls cross country ski like crazy, so they both caught on to downhill skiing no problem. It was great fun.

It has become tradition to end the night with Subway for a late dinner. We were soaked to our undies, but still smiling!


Anna said…
Awww, SO fun!!!
Heather said…
Yay you made it up! I had plans to go last weekend but my back was not doing 100% so we didn't go ;-( But I'm glad you made it and took the girls too how fun!

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