Liam's pirate pool party pics!

We had 16 kidlets, and a really fun time.
We made it a "toonie" party, which has become a popular type of party in our neck of the woods. The idea is that you ask in the invite that instead of bringing a gift, you give toonies in the card. Half of the money raised will go to the birthday boy, and the other half will go to the charity of his choice. I am thinking of taking him to the food bank and asking what they are short of and buying it with him. I think it will be great for him to deliver it back to them and really "get" the idea of charity and that he can make a difference.
We didn't do many planned things at the pool, as the swimming keeps them busy enough! I did make up 3 sets of cards with numbers 5-10 on them and as they jumped off the rope swing and diving board, my mom, friend and I would give them a score on how we felt they did! The competitive boys sure loved that!
I had planned a pirate adventure game where they would have to accomplish certain tasks (ie. push the girls on a raft across the pool, do 5 cannonballs, walk the plank, etc.) and then find the treasure...but we ran out of time.
I made the cupcakes rather than cake, which made it so much easy to hand out and not need to bring forks and knives. Each cupcake had a quarter slid inside so that once found, they could run to the candy machines in the pool lobby! They loved that! I also brought a huge cooler of water, veggies and chips.
Liam had made the cute pirate guy sign.
It was an evening party, so we didn't leave til almost 9pm and were all quite ready for bed!
Liam had a super time and all the kids were so wonderful. We all enjoyed our time together and would encourage you to try a pool party! We'd do it again for sure!


Unknown said…
Sounds like fun... wish we could have been there. So fun to see the pics! Happy Birthday, Liam!!! Grandma and Grandpa!
ruth said…
Can you plan my next party?!! Looks like a blast! (ummm...and I'm a grown up ;) -ruth
Lisa said…
Looks like a great party!
Happy Birthday Liam!

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