This month is full-on entertaining of the kids. As you know, and I've said before, life isn't the same as when I grew up. Kids aren't roaming the streets on their bikes and playing on their own together until I whistle them in for meals. Oh requires a lot of organization on my part. I am getting tired of this job, to be honest, as it is usually more hard work and exhausting than enjoyable. Then I battle with feeling guilty that I don't enjoy it more, and it can be a depressing vicious cycle. I just hope that the kids don't feel that I don't want to be with them. I chose to stay home with them, and I am doing the best that I can. It is just hard. Plain and simple. With the teachers on strike, we have a lot more time to fill than usual.
We have had our good moments, and I hope that somehow these are the moments they will remember in the end!


Anonymous said…
How could those CUTE/HANDSOME/MisCHIEvious handful of boys be such a Handfull! ! : ) mmm, maybe an acre or two with a barn and animals would be good? hah! Smiles, hugs, and a whistle. . . your ol' Mom.

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