Donation time!

We took the money raised from Liam's party down to Askews today!
I had called the Second Harvest ahead of time to check what they were in need of.
The amount of toonies Liam got from his birthday (he kept half), was enough to buy
2 huge bricks of cheese
2 boxes of margarine blocks
6 bags of pasta and
4 cans of pasta sauce!
I told him that would be enough to feed 6 families supper! (plus the margarine)

He helped me shop and personally deliver the goods. They gave him a tour of the food bank and what each family would be able to take home. We were happy to see they were completely out of margarine and we were able to help that need right away!
I hope this is an event that Liam will remember for a long time. I don't think he had even realized that people in Salmon Arm might not have enough to eat!


Anonymous said…
Ahhhh - I thought I left a comment already. . . but - that is so COOL! NICE Liam! What a neat idea and learning experience that is. Great photos - as always! Nanny

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