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Who is that crazy character you may ask?? It happens to be Riley. He had a random dress-up-as-anything day at school. He wore a karate outfit with a black wig and china hat....so he was a sensei. For as shy as this kid is, he will sometimes pull off these kind of things with no hesitation.

Shea had preschool today, and brought home some gorgeous artwork.

He loves his time at school as much as I do! I've been keeping up with my walking at the rink and then run all over town doing errands while he's there.

Liam now is in Intro to Hockey and Sockeye Fries (which is a swim club), and he is getting to be quite the little skater and fish. He doesn't care as much about hockey, but I thought it was important that he was given a chance to try it out. There are so many kids in his class that spend hours at the rink a week, but it just isn't for us (phew). I had a run-in with a nasty hockey-mom and it has kinda ruined my enjoyment of the sport. That and sitting on a hard cold bench for 2 hours a week doesn't help! I'm not sure quite what Liams' "sport of choice" is, which is weird as he's quite athletic but just doesn't want to put the effort into it. For now we're just trying him at a little bit of everything. Greg has taken them up skiing twice so far, and they have had a great time. Next year we might just try to get the family pass.

I went to my knitting club last night and have just started a massive felted bag. It is made with two colors of wool and will be huge until I shrink it down. I will show you progress photos soon.

Greg is enjoying his new job for which we are so thankful! He goes to hockey on Thursday nights and is quite involved in the church worship time, both playing guitar and leading.
Anyway....there was a quick update on us. Lately I've just been posting photos, but it is getting hard for me to keep up as I also post them on facebook and another group. You'll have to check them out there if you don't find them here. Thank you to all for the comments and encouragement on my photos. It has been a great project so far and I'm definitely getting more confident in the manual mode.

I'm so grateful that January flew by quickly, as it was a terrible month of sickness and lack of sleep. We're hoping for healthier and warmer days ahead!


Anonymous said…
Wow - I could not guess if that was Riley or Liam! ! fun! and nice artwork Shea! I was thinking that some Valentine Art on my heart-line clips would be sweet : ) Talk to you soon! ME

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