Walking on sunshine.

This week has been one of those that really is full of the joys of summer. It is hot like the farm finally, and we are enjoying every minute of it!
The older two boys have soccer camp every morning until noon, so Shea and I have been bombing around. My sister is in town, so we've hung out with her and went to the beach and the movies. My parents have their new house, so we've been helping strip wallpaper. We've been biking, walking, slip and sliding, out in the pool, picking berries, at a concert at the wharf, visiting friends and drinking ice tea.
We're ending the week at the waterslides on both Saturday and Sunday.
Now if only I could get my kids to get along, it'd be perfect!


Lisa said…
What fun! I'm desperate for some of that sunshine and heat - can you send some our way?!

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