run for the nearest exit

I seem to have lost my audience. And that's okay. I don't like to try to trap people into listening, and especially when I don't have a heck of a lot to say. But just saying that brings up a story from today...
We were at the Childrens' Festival downtown for Canada Day. There was a performer from Vancouver, who was visiting and telling stories. The funny part was that he was there with this huge patchwork whale that blew up with air. He went by the name of "Dancing Bear". His catch was that you had to line up to come into this air-filled whale while he literally trapped you in there to do his show. You had to run in and then they zipped it shut so the thing would stay inflated with you inside. There must have been about 15 of us moms and 25 kids in there. The guy was really strange and bossy. He told you exactly where to sit and what to do, and you were sitting there trapped in his whale! The kids actually seemed to enjoy it, except for a few toddlers at the back who were wondering where the door went. I was worried that Shea would lose it and we would have to rip our way out of there. The story he told was similar to a Robert Munch kind of tale, but made much less sense and his animated storytelling was slightly creepy. The mothers in there kept looking at eachother with slight horror, all wondering, "How in the he%% did we get in here, and when can we get out?" When the story finally ended, we mothers scrambled to get out of there and ran for the nearest exit.
So ya. Don't want to be like that. I am happy to say that you can feel free to leave without commenting and I won't even hold it against you!


Kristin said…
Hey we were there too. We didn't go in the whale though and from the sounds of it, it seems to have been a good thing!

Happy Canada day!
Melissa said…
Oh my, that does sound creepy!! Yuck!!

You're not trapping me, by the way - you're in my RSS feed! :)
You'll never lose my attention in your audience - your blog is always a highlight! funny story about the trap-story-teller!
Lisa said…
Mental note to avoid any creepy man with a giant whale! I start to hyperventilate just thinking about your predicament!
Bloggy Mama said…
That's wild!! I think that there must be a lot of panicking in there... I would have!

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