Summer buzz

Oh man! The summer is flying by at a rapid rate. The boys are involved in their second daycamp which runs all morning. It is so awesome. They loved the soccer camp last week, and are loving this one as well. This one is run at our church, and I'm usually involved with it but am not this year (other than one day, tomorrow). The name is Power Lab, which is a science theme that the boys love! My boys are so lucky, and in the meantime, Shea and I have been busy getting other things done that don't happen when all three are around (ie. cleaning/groceries/visiting).
Our roof is getting redone tomorrow. The old cedar shakes are coming off and new shingles will be put up all in one day. Which is also the day that I'm terribly busy, not only at the church, but we are hoping to leave for a camping trip in the early afternoon! Thankfully I just got back from a late evening grocery trip for all the camping food so I don't have that to worry about in the afternoon. Oh, and the lawn needs to be mowed yet again. Yes, it's a buzz around here.
Today was fun as we did our normal morning routine of taking the boys to camp, then running errands. Then I brought them home for lunch, fed them, ran to the chiro while G was on lunch, came back, got supper ready, Anna dropped her kids off for me to watch, took the 5 of them to pick berries and the park, home again to finish making dinner. Anna picked them up, we ate supper, then we drove off to Tappen coop for ice cream, and then a quick lake dip at Sunnybrae, home for bedtime, out for groceries, and now I should be packing.
Here's hoping we get ourselves out of here in time tomorrow so we're not setting up in the dark, and that we don't get eaten alive by mosquitoes while we're out in the wilderness!


Bloggy Mama said…
Have a fabulous time, Sarah!!!
Lisa said…
Yikes! Your week sounds like ours with day camp at church last week. (Jaxson said "this is worse than school" b/c we had to be at the church at 8am!)
Hope you have a great camping trip!! Where did you go??
It's amazing how much can be crammed into one day, huh? ? fun to be a part of some of it. I hope you're having an awesome weekend!

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