Lately I haven't had a whole lot to say! Seems I've been taking out my camera a little more and so it's been easier for me to throw out a few photos rather than to think of something inspirational to say. It has been great to have exited our winter hibernation cave and see some sun. The vitamin D has definitely helped to encourage the soul.
We took a great trip to Calgary last week, driving out on Liam's birthday and coming home on Greg's. It was a busy, fun time. We saw lots of old friends and were glad that Lisa and Andrew would let us crowd them out in their house for awhile. It is so weird to go back and realize that Liam really has no recollection of our old life, the house, the park, the people. He has almost been in Salmon Arm half of his life!
So spring break has officially ended and the kids are back to school. I'm in shock that this is the last term with only 3 months left til summer break! The year has gone so quickly in such a complete blur of activity.


Bloggy Mama said…
Yay for Vitamin D. Have a great rest-of-the-week, Sarah.
Lisa said…
I had the same thought this past week - this school year is almost done already?!

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