Fabrics and colors

I love thinking about how my house would look if I had all the time and money in the world to do it!! However, do you know how quickly you can change a room with a bit of paint and some fabric?? I don't know why I don't try harder to change simple things.
Today I was browsing the net for the perfect curtain fabric and/or upholstery fabrics.
Check out this one...

I love the apple green color and the swirl. I think this would look awesome on my poang Ikea chairs, either as pillows against black leather, or as the upholstery itself.
Then I found this which I thought would make the perfect curtains in that room (the walls are a silvery blue/grey).

I'll keep looking, but thought I'd share and keep record of it on here...


Melissa said…
Oh, Sarah, I LOVE that bottom pattern!!!
Bloggy Mama said…
I love fabric. Thus, I am no longer allowed to go the fabric store ;)
ruth said…
Love those fabrics! I like to think if I had all the time and money in the world my place would look great too...except I'm so indecisive things might not change too much!!

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