I am quite happy over here tonight. I had to take the boys to the dentist again for their 6 month follow-up appointment. Last time was not the greatest as we went due to an emergency with Riley having an abcessed tooth and all. I brought Liam then as well for his first visit, and though his teeth were fine, he was quite the monkey in there, not really holding too still!
So today I was a little worried as Riley had a lot of work done in the past, and had reason to not want to go again. And I didn't know if Liam would hold still for an actual cleaning. This was not just a happy visit.
Well they both did me proud and laid there like angels and held their mouths open perfectly and watched carefully while the other had theirs done. And NO cavities!! That's the best part! We don't have to go back for another 6 months.

(That's Riley doing the happy dance!)


Bloggy Mama said…
Riley is such a handsome young man!
Kaili said…
Oh good! I hate dentist visits. Ohhh man! our boys are tough! Love the pic. of the happy dance!

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