To the ocean and back

We had one of those trips where Greg and I had to look at eachother and "What were we thinking?!"
We decided since we had some more time off, it would be fun to go down to the coast and bring the kids to the ocean, go to the aquarium, see my grandparents, shop a little, visit G's bro and fam. Well, the idea was great and the things we did were great...but all the driving in the city in between was LESS THAN FUN! Add to that lack of sleep, heavy traffic and not a good map, the fact that we have THREE children in one vehicle (two of which will never sleep in there), and it just wasn't a recipe for fun. We just did WAY TOO MUCH in WAY TOO LITTLE time.
We should have just stayed camping!!
Our trip home today was actually quite pleasant, as we turned to the DVD nanny for help. When we pulled into Salmon Arm, Liam yelled out, "DeMille's!!? We're already in Salmon Arm!!? I can't believe we made it home and I didn't even fall asleep!!" (Like it was some big accomplishment.)
Anyway, we're not planning any more road trips any time soon. Oddly the baby wasn't the issue, it was the oldest that was the biggest pain!
But hey, it wasn't all bad...and we have some pictures to prove it...

Oh wait...I was there too!! Greg took a picture of me!!



Melissa said…
Oh Sarah.... aren't you so glad Greg took a picture of you to capture the moment? :)

I'm glad you made it home in one piece as a family!!
Kristin said…
Ha ha ha! Thanks for a laugh. :)
Anna said…
HA HA HA! Nice shot Greg!

Sorry you had a rough go of it but it does look you did some cool stuff. I love the pic of Shea at the aquarium. Very cool.
Bloggy Mama said…
Great moment captures!!! Looks like a great trip.
Anonymous said…
you make me laugh sarah :)
Anonymous said…
great pic of you!!
you were in my neck of the woods, next time, facebook me and i'll meet you somewhere for coffee.
Kaili said…
I am so curious as to WHERE that big huge pool is????
We are going down in the fall.

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