Rainy days

We rarely get rain in Calgary. It's usually windy and cold, with barely 2 months of dry and hot in the summer. Well we are getting rain this week, and its reminding me of Vancouver. Not very fun to play outside right now, so we had to be creative this morning. I decided to take the boys along with our friend and her boys, swimming. My friend doesn't take her boys to the pool very often cuz her youngest, who is 2, thinks he was born with gills and seriously jumps in and right under and smiles the whole time that he's practically drowning. Funny to watch! but not so fun to be responsible of a little guy like that! My boys are actually at the perfect age for alot of things these days, so I know this summer will be a busy one. We already bought our zoo passes, and hope to get ones to Calaway Park (a huge amusement park). We have passes at the rec center here and have purchased a new sit n' stand buggy so I can actually push both boys around at once. There really is so much to do in Calgary, and I'm trying to make the most of it while we are here.


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