Easter bunny madness

We went home for Easter. It's always so good to see the fam and to be in sunny Salmon Arm. I must say it is weird to go from no family at all to full-on family for a long weekend. We're all crammed into a one-bathroom house and our whole family of four sleeps in the open basement...so its rather intense, but it's all good. I get a little overwhelmed by the end of the weekend...just trying to keep a little bit of schedule with the boys and trying not to get them too worn out with all the company. I'm sure it would be easier if we had our own place there and could return home at the end of the day to unwind. As it is, we spend every last minute visiting and having fun. Not to mention all the CANDY and chocolate we ate this weekend! Yikes. Lots of exciting things in our family these days...the couple who wasn't there...G's brother and his wife are expecting their first baby any day now. And my sister who is due in a month who was there with her beautiful belly dancing around like crazy! So amazing to see. I had fun taking pics of her belly. Can't wait to have these two babes added soon to the family. A baby changes everything! And my parents have sold their home in Vanderhoof and are moving back to Salmon Arm. They found property and are planning their new chapter of life.
So we're back at home with beautiful weather. Seeing signs of life starting in Calgary...found some ladybugs today...see my irises poking through the ground. We had supper outside on a picnic blanket tonight. Summer is on the way! Yeah!


Heather said…
ahhh... the fun! I'm so glad I got to spend time with you guys.

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