Double digits

Now the BABY is ten. Since we moved into a bigger house, our kids have become like fish who grow bigger, depending on the size of their tank. It's like they now have room to grow, so they decided to become giants. All three of them. It's insane in one year how much they all have changed. But yes, the youngest is ten. He's still surprising us daily with his hidden talents, his witty humor, affection and his overall joy. He is the most easy going of all of us and seems to adapt to any group or situation well. He is expanding his musical abilities and we all get to watch him perform with Lauren Mann tomorrow for both a piano and drum solo. We had his annual backyard water balloon volleyball family party here on Sunday and will have his friend party on Saturday. He will be finishing up grade four here soon and is going to summer camp for the first time. He's bigger and taller than the other two were at ten years old, and he seems to have a constant appetite. I think he'll soon become the big little brother.


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