Workin' girl

I haven't had much of interest to put on this here blog. My days are so full of mundane tasks, which really aren't blog worthy! We have been busy and just finished hosting a massive thanksgiving weekend with my family. Other than that, I'm busy driving the kids to and from their activities (sports and music). I wasn't really enjoying the "on call" work, and have been quite lonely, so I decided to apply for a permanent part time position. I got the job and start next week! It is at the "Pathways to Home" program of the seniors home. It is a wing where most of our 6-8 clients come from the hospital, but are still too weak to go home. It is our teams job to get them back into shape, and doing their daily activities again. Some clients have been in the hospital for months and have that condition where they've been babied (institutionalized) and don't even know how to put their own socks on anymore. It takes a bit of hard work, but generally our clients get strong enough to get back home. I'm excited to be part of the team and hope it isn't a challenge to juggle the work/family life.


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