2 weeks!

Life is moving along, and the BIG MOVE is two weeks away! The move is in full swing. I am spending hours daily trying to sort through things as I pack them, and making sure I'm not bringing useless crap to the new place. It is a lot of work! Thankfully I haven't had to work much and have had lots of time to do this well. We had an amazing time in Mexico. Our all inclusive resort in Nuevo Vallarta was all we could have hoped for. The food, activities, amenities, beach, weather, entertainment were all wonderful. We fully enjoyed all the resort had to offer us and didn't hardly leave. We did do one bus trip to Walmart! a snorkeling excursion, and a family excursion by bus to a neighboring surf town. We were busy and enjoyed two full weeks of sun, boogie boarding, eating and I enjoyed not thinking of meals, cleaning or showings! I gained 5 pounds, thanks to all the pina coladas! Our boys had a great time too and want to go back. We left with sweet tans, many good memories and pictures of the beautiful place. I hope we can return one day, and we're so glad we forked out the money and time to just get away after a really stressful past few months. The weather has been great since we got home, and it has been helpful so I could sort out the greenhouse, shed and empty the pond. I will most likely need to mow soon as the green grass is growing fast! I am getting a little sad as I walk about the yard and look at all the lovely things I planted and will have to leave. But I am so excited about a new yard and the potential there. There is a little wooded area at the back for a hammock and a fire pit. I'll have to start a new veggie garden and my berries, but I have a good source for plants so it shouldn't be a problem! I will have to give you a tour of the new place once we are moved in. The boys haven't even seen it yet. The only thing we have to do to the place is paint. The boys rooms have some pink and mauve, so we will do it shortly. The main living space is very 80's with burgundy, taupe and greens. (see what I mean?!) I hope to have time to paint that away immediately which will help to make it look so much brighter and new. I bought a refinished china cabinet on kijiji and it is so perfect for the bump out spot in the dining area. I will appreciate the extra cupboard space as the new kitchen isn't very big. I have many big ideas and plans for the house and hope that it will really meet our expectations as this move has been SO much work! I have no doubts that it will, and am hoping it will be the perfect house not only for us, but for all those that we host. The tween/teen stage with the boys has been hard. It seems like there is a challenge with every stage, right?! It doesn't help that we are so busy with our selling/moving, but they don't seem to give us a break!! We also have so much homework going on, that needs moms attention. We haven't put up the trampoline, so with that, a basketball hoop, a lower empty garage for skateboards, a wooded area, hot tub and cul de sac...I'm hoping they will be fully entertained! We know the neighbor has three older girls, but there are lots of other kids nearby we hope they meet. All my photos are on my phone these days, so I apologize for the lack of photos. You will have to check them out on facebook! I may not get time to write on here til we are at the new house, which at this point, even with this house mostly packed, seems like a dream. It is hard to imagine being in another house in the same town. Can't wait! See you on the other side!


Avital said…
Good luck with your move! The new house and yard look absolutely wonderful!

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